Compare and Contrast essay örnekleri

Hollywood filmlerinin ve Türk filmlerinin benzerliklerinin ve farklılıklarının karşılaştırıldığı bir Compare and Contrast essay  örneği:

                                                                    Avatar vs. Tarkan
Cinema, the seventh art, has been playing an incredible important role in all societies in the world since it was introduced. Every country is doing its best to develop its cinema industry because it is the most effective way to advertise its culture and language. Hollywood is known to be the most popular cinema sector in the world while Turkish cinema sector has recently started to become known. Even though there are some similarities between Hollywood and Turkish films, there are also some differences.
To begin with, it is clear that there are some similarities between Turkish and Hollywood films. First of all, both types of films, more or less, have similar themes. For example, in Hollywood films romance and action are the best-selling themes. Similarly, in Turkish films we see that romance and action are the most common themes. Another similarity is that for both types of films similar advertising campaigns are carried out. To illustrate, in Turkey advertisements can been seen on newspapers, magazines and billboards as well as buses and metro. Likewise, Hollywood films are advertised on the same places and the same ways. In short, themes and advertising are two of the similarities between Turkish and Hollywood films.
Despite similarities, there are also several differences between Turkish and Hollywood films. The primary difference is budget, of course. Turkish producers cannot afford to invest as much as their American counterparts. For instance, Hollywood films are known to cost around $200-300 million whereas Turkish films hardly cost more than $50 million. The second difference is the use of technology. As the United States extensively benefit from technology in every field of business, cinema sector is no exception. The films Star Wars, Matrix and Avatar are only some of the examples in which incredibly high technology was used. However, Turkish films can only benefit from limited computer tricks. In brief, budget and use of technology seem to be two of the differences between Turkish and Hollywood films.
All in all, there are not only similarities but also differences between Turkish and Hollywood films. I am of the opinion that Turkish cinema sector is on the rise and it will be able to compete with the rest of the world soon.

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